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Shared Documents and Resources

shared documents

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The following is a list of our current shared documents and resources

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Index of all Shared Documents (this index was created prior to launch of website, all documents loaded after June 12, 2012 appear on this page and not in the index) 

List of Texas ISDs using a Twitter chat channel for a Personal Learning Network

List of Texas Educators on Twitter (shared)

Topics for #Txed Chat sesions (shared)


Campus/District Administration Resources

A Guide to AYP and Texas Accountability Changes for 2012-14 (Published July 27, 2012, This document is great for Board or Staff presentations)

Comprehensive start of school checklist (Published July 20, 2012)

Understanding the Texas School Finance Account Code Structure (Powerpoint) 

Summer Months To Do Reminders for Campus Leaders (shared)

Assistant Superintendent for Administration Checklist for District and Campuses.pdf (shared)

August Resources for Teachers from (external link)

The LVR(3) process for campus customer service (external link)


New Principal (or new to a campus principals) Resources

Key actions for for new principals (shared)

Entry Plan for new principals (draft) from UrLeaderLine (external link)


Texas STAAR/EOC Resources

(These documents were created in May and June of 2012)

Checklist for EOC Score Arival (TX) (shared)

STAAR/EOC Phase in Standards form modifed for Content Cohort Tracking (submitted by Kelly Baehren, Waller ISD)

PowerPoint to explain STAAR/EOC results and cumulative Scores to School Board (submitted by Kelly Baehren, Waller ISD)

Sample Parent letter explaining STAAR/EOC results and tutorial and retest options





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